Lenovo Customer Success Story


In this 2-minute video, Asim Shaikh, Sr. Manager of Ecommerce, Web Optimization and Personalization at Lenovo, outlines why personalization is an imperative for today’s marketers, describes his success with personalization, and provides his own personalization advice for e-commerce marketers looking to achieve success with personalization.

My name is Asim Shaikh. I am the program manager for web optimization and personalization for Lenovo. Since we have a wide range of customers on our site, the traditional ways of merchandising and one-solution-fits-all isn’t working for us.

One of the first campaigns we worked on to improve personalization on our site was targeting our gaming and business customers. We gathered the information on these users and we identified the audience we wanted to target. We were able to serve business customers business-related content, and gaming customers gaming-related content in real time. We not only showed them their related content, we’ve also showed them the products other customers are buying for businesses and gaming. By running this campaign, we massively improved our engagement on the homepage for these audiences. All of our homepage metrics were massively up compared to our default experience.

Focusing on users and optimizing user experience based on their action takes some time and it doesn’t come naturally to a lot of companies. Unleash the power of machine learning to get closer to your customers. Keep it simple, and don’t be afraid of experimenting with a lot of new ideas. Test more, fail quick. Personalization and experimentation can help you make changes and optimize your business in real time.

Evergage was very easy to set up. You can create segments in real time, and not only create them, you can also monitor and target those segments. The best thing about Evergage I like is they handed the technology in the hands of the business users, who understand the business and can act on campaigns in real time.

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