NeweggFlash Customer Success Story

Jennifer Liu and Charlene Goh from NeweggFlash describe how Evergage has allowed them to deliver more relevant experiences to shoppers, resulting in increased conversions, sales and clickthroughs.

Video Transcript:

As a flash site, we push our daily deals with limited time, limited quantity offers every day, and one of the biggest challenges is how do we showcase and give each item enough time to our customer. Personalization, indeed, helped us to bring the right product to the right customer in real time.

Our approach was to try to deliver a dynamic experience for each and every customer, and to be able to test those campaigns extensively and continue to optimize them in order to drive business impact.

So, we have been with Evergage for over a year and we love it so far. We push out a lot of successful campaigns every day. One of our highest, top-rated campaigns is product recommendation, of course. So, it did actually help us to increase our conversion level, conversion rate, and also there’s an uptick in sales and clickthrough rates, too.

We saw really good results with campaigns that centered around product abandonment and urgency, which was consistent with the flash-sale shopper behavior. Evergage was also unique in its understanding of the individual customer, and it offered real-time reporting, which gave us a lot of transparency into the performance of our campaigns.

And the beauty of it is it doesn’t take up a lot of back-end resources, while only requiring minimal changes on our current website structure.

The Evergage team was invaluable in helping us maximize our use of the platform. Their insights related to campaign ideation and optimization was really helpful to us.

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