Nuxeo Customer Success Story


Prateeksha Barman and Melinda Cormier from Nuxeo describe how they increased conversions with Evergage’s personalization platform.

Nuxeo, a firm specializing in enterprise digital content management platform, uses Evergage’s real-time personalization platform to increase web visitor engagement and conversion.

We originally wanted to find a solution that we could personalize the website with to increase engagement from leads all the way to customer acquisition. So, CTA, as they would promote resources, blogs, and eventually promoting an online demo or an online trial to get them to basically convert towards the end.

When we first started we first looked at segments and we divided the segments as location activity and interest. So, that’s where the idea started rolling. And then, all over the website we placed CTAs strategically with info bars and pop-ups and other kinds of CTAs that were helpful. We had CTAs for our goals, like demos, contact us and signing up for trials and downloads, so those kind of did pretty well. So, that’s how our first step started, and we have kept going

since then. We have a lot of university videos where we have demos and resources and explanations of features, so that’s something that we want to promote, because all of our videos have, for our video subscription, kind of an email sign-up thing. That’s a very good source of lead acquisition for us. Those video views went up by around 175 percent after we started Evergage, and we have started getting more leads in, so that’s kind of performing very well, as well as the goal conversion part. We did have about a 25 percent increase in goal conversion overall as well.

We evaluated a couple different platforms to decide which was going to be the best for us, but Evergage really just stood out from the rest. The support team was amazing. We did a lot of back and forth in the first month. They really worked with us to scrape our site, to really look where we had opportunities to personalize. And from there we just knew this was going to be great, because we could take it beyond just the core domain to bring it into our documentation site inside our online application, as well as other subdomains that we run, and really personalize both the prospect and the customer experience.

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