Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit


Karl Wirth, CEO/Founder of Evergage presented at the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Summit.

Evergage makes possible the dream of every digital marketer over the past 20 years: to turn their website into their very best salesperson.

Everybody’s talking about data-driven personalization; Evergage’s customers are actually doing it. You can see from the leading brands that we’ve put up here the kind of lift that they’re seeing: 30 percent increase in leads, 15 percent increase in revenue per user. We do this by, in fact, turning their digital properties—web sites, mobile apps, email even—into their very best sales people; travel agents, you could say. A digital agent that is able to remember every person, understand their intent, help that person toward their goals efficiently and easily, and sometimes surprise and delight them.

Let’s take an example. So, Tom, Sally, and Bill are all coming to a website, let’s say. Evergage is going to understand their identity, whether anonymous, an email name, or even in B2B, their account. Combine that with CRM data, combine that with our own very deep behavioral insight into what they’re doing in this session and all sessions, run it in complete real-time through our algorithms, predictive recommendations, rules, analytics, and the like, so that Tom, Sally, and Bill are each shown an experience that is exactly relevant to them: the full experience, as well as ancillary upsales and products and offerings. And really important, all of this is done by the digital marketer, without IT.

My team has spent our whole lives, in a sense, preparing for this company. Greg, my cofounder, is one of the leading minds in real-time big data, having built these systems for his whole career. I started my career in a digital travel startup and company, and have been in digital marketing and product ever since, and we’re backed by the best technology companies in big data.

So, I’m really pleased today to announce Evergage for Travel to you. We all know that the traveler’s digital experience needs to move from where it is today—pretty static, one to all, not that engaging, and not that high-converting—to something that’s more real time, one-to-one; more like a travel agent. And that’s what Evergage makes possible.

So, let’s look at an example. Here’s Evergage working on Squaw Valley’s site, and, depending on the person, where they’re coming from, they’re being shown a different experience. Depending on what the weather is like, depending on CRM or behavioral data, on whether they have a season pass or not, or if they’re interested in a family-friendly vacation. They’re being shown a different experience: one that’s relevant to them and that converts better.

Here, Evergage is prioritizing for me what hotels I should see, what hotel deals. There’s limited time and limited space. Show me what’s maximally relevant to me based on my behavior. Here, I’m being prioritized ancillary restaurant upsell offers for me, again, based on my behavior in this session and across sessions. If I don’t like what I see, show me recommendations for something else, in the moment, that’s going to be maximally relevant to me. Or an ancillary product upsell could be shown here as well.

We’re going for a 4.5 billion dollar-a-year market, which is what digital travel marketers are spending on their customer experiences, and we’re making that better with a cloud-based service that our customers pay an annual subscription for, and it’s based on the number of unique visitors coming to their sites or apps or the like. And we sell through inside and outside sales people; very standard SaaS software model.

Imagine I’m coming to a hotel site and Evergage is on it, and I look at the one hotel, and then the other hotel. Every other system out there thinks, “Okay, he’s interested in both hotels,” and stops there. Evergage knows that the hotel on the left I spent three seconds on, and then left; not that interested. The hotel on the right, I spent two minutes on and engaging with it, and it attributes to my individual profile, saying, “Okay, he’s interested not just in that hotel, but in all of the things about it: the brand, the price, that it’s a mile from Boston,” etc.

There’s a huge chasm between your data and your experiences, and I founded Evergage to be a customer engagement platform that fills that gap, bringing deep insight into data, in real time, into experiences, and lets a marketer do that.

So, let’s look at that platform on the back-end side of things. Here, we’re looking at an individual profile. And you’re seeing CRM data, together with behavioral data, and these are the products and categories that this person is interested in, as well as the segments. And now, a marketer is going to leverage that to build an algorithm in real time, right here. And they’re going to say, “Let’s show hotels that are within 100 miles of the hotels that his person is looking at. But not just any hotel, hotels that are particularly interesting to me. So, boost it based on my categories of interest, my brand interests, my affinities.”

We can do this for our customers, but many of them just do it themselves. And it’s that easy for a marketer to make a recommendation, an algorithm, and place it anywhere on his site. Now, they’re coming onto their own site, and visually going through their site, changing the experience. They could place recommendations wherever they want, they could even change out the text, change the images, and target this experience to the right people. They can target it with algorithms, but also with segments. Segments are not going away. If you know who a person is and what segment they’re in, talk to them differently.

And so, here’s Squaw Valley segments where they’re targeting pass holders, or people from Los Angeles, or people who are from a particular interest in family, and showing them the right experience at the right time. None of this makes sense if you’re not going to understand the lift over control – is it working or not. And so, Evergage has a full system for lift and confidence and the like.

In summary, we’re going after the 4.5 billion customer experience market, with a proven team, proven lift, a huge technical leap in bringing data and experiences together in real time, in a scalable go-to market.

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