Perspectives from the Evergage Client Summit.

Why Real-Time Web Personalization is Important


Increasingly, if you don’t have real-time personalization, you’re going to be antiquated. Your customers are going to expect it. They’re going to be frustrated if they come to a website that they’ve been to before, and it’s not tailored to their needs and their interests.

In today’s world, the web visitor is in control, and they want relevant offers and content. And if you don’t provide that to them, they’re going to leave your site.

Being able to deliver that experience based on their individual needs is not only a lot more effective for us, but just what our clients expect.

I think personalizing any experience is absolutely critical. People expect to have a personal experience and not just be part of the masses. “I’m a name, not a number.”

Giving them a generic message makes them feel like they’re not appreciated. So, when they come to your website and you can personalize their experience for them, it makes them trust you and feel better about using your product.

You want to engage people while they’re on your site. So, if you give them more relevant content, they’re going to stay more longer and convert more.

The best time to have an interaction with a person is right in the moment, as you’re speaking with them or talking with them. The same is true on the web. They’re right there, right in the moment with you. That’s the right time to respond and give them a relevant interaction.

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