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This 2-minute video shows how Evergage for Email’s triggered email capability boosts engagement and click-throughs, and includes examples of financial services, B2B and ecommerce triggered email use cases.

Unlike mass email campaigns, one-off email messages, sent when there’s a change in an individual’s recent activity or interest, are much more engaging and effective. Explore examples of triggered email in action and see how Evergage for Email’s triggered email capability works to boost engagement and clickthroughs.

Email continues to be a highly effective channel for driving conversions and maintaining relationships with customers. Year after year, send volume and investment continue to go up.

However, because of this popularity, people are overwhelmed with messages, causing open and click-through rates to decline.

Can anything be done? Yes! By making our emails much more timely and relevant.

Using the triggered email capability of Evergage’s real-time personalization platform, one-off messages can be sent to people “in the moment” based on their…

  • website or in-app actions,

  • their interests or intent,

  • external factors like weather or geography,

  • or changes to your product or content catalog.

This not only includes cart abandonment reminders but also messages that are triggered based on the insights Evergage derives about each visitor or account.

For example, a financial services company can identify a visitor who has read more than three articles on home equity loans, but who has not yet contacted a loan agent; and trigger a message to him.

When a B2B technology provider recognizes that more than, say, five people from the same company have recently spent a certain amount of time on their website, a notification can be sent to a specific sales rep.

Or if a retailer changes the price of an item a customer has spent significant time researching but hasn’t yet purchased, it can use Evergage to trigger a perfectly-timed email.

Better yet, triggered messages can be combined with Evergage's open-time personalization capability.

From a single platform, businesses can use Evergage’s advanced machine learning capabilities to send emails with individualized content and recommendations, updated in real time based on a visitor’s latest actions and interests.

Looking to deliver more relevant and engaging campaigns, and ensure consistent messaging across channels to boost ROI?

Supercharge your current email marketing strategy with personalized, triggered emails from Evergage.

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