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Evergage’s Unified Customer Profile (UCP) capability enables companies to deliver true 1:1 personalized experiences in real time. The UCP sets Evergage apart from vendors who tout personalization but can’t provide a complete picture of each visitor’s true interests and intent – at the individual level AND account level.

A unified customer profile is at the heart of an effective B2B personalization strategy. Does your personalization vendor offer a UCP? To learn more visit

It seems like every marketing technology vendor says they offer personalization.

But with so much noise, how can you tell who’s all talk and who can actually deliver?

Well, to start, we suggest asking them to show you their UCP. Their unified customer profile. Why is that important?

Given that true personalization is about uniquely catering to your audiences, a vendor should be able to show you all the data that it collects about each visitor and account – in a single view, updated in real time – that’s used to deliver personalized experiences.

The Evergage platform tracks information on every individual and every company to a depth that no other solution can. With this level of detail, you can drive 1:1 personalization campaigns based on each person’s or organization’s true interests and intent.

In addition to collecting basic info like company name, industry and firmographic details, Evergage’s unified customer profile provides a complete picture and timeline of everything a visitor and company have viewed, interacted with, downloaded and more – across your digital channels. It can also take in data from external sources like CRM and marketing automation systems and data warehouses to enrich the information available for real-time personalization.

Most significantly, the Evergage platform algorithmically determines, in real time, each visitor’s affinities and intent, based on the engagement level and time spent on every page or article, along with the context such as category, topic, tags, and more. These insights – collected at the individual and account level – are key to driving true 1:1 personalization.

Evergage’s UCP is what’s at the heart of the platform and an effective cross-channel personalization strategy.

So, the next time you hear a vendor talking about their personalization capabilities, ask them to show you their UCP. We’d be happy to show you ours.

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