ValoreBooks Customer Success Story


Moira Finicane, Director of Product Marketing at ValoreBooks, describes how she increased conversions and average order value using Evergage’s real-time personalization platform.

At ValoreBooks we help students save money on the cost of textbooks. So, save money when they’re looking to buy or rent textbooks, and then make more money when they’re looking to sell back those books. So, as an e-commerce company with over 10 million visitors to our site each year, we know that for every one percent increase that we get in conversion or average order value, that translates into a serious business benefit for us. So, to that end we’re always looking for ways to optimize on-site behavior and make the experience as personalized as possible.

So, for example, we have students who rent books with us, and then we know three months later they’re going to come back to our site to return those books. We’d love to be able to personalize messages to them. Same thing, students who buy with us, when they are done with those books at the end of the semester, we’d love for them to be able to sell them back, and we want to show them the book that they bought and tell them the price that they can get when they sell that book back. And that just would’ve taken weeks or months on an engineering standpoint. But with Evergage, it’s just a small snippet of addition of code to our site. We can implement those types of campaigns in minutes or days and get them up and running. Simply by changing the “Continue Selling” link on our site, we were able to accomplish, I think it was a 14 percent increase in average order value and a 7 percent increase in conversion rate. So, those are huge results.

We chose Evergage for a few different reasons. One, it allowed us, with not very much engineering time, to get up and running pretty quickly, and it allowed the marketing team to have more control and agility. And as we’ve been working with them—and we discovered this pretty early on in the process of working with them—I think their support team and their customer success team is just second to none, and our customer success managers have always been so responsive. They’ve gotten to know our business almost as well as we do, constantly recommending campaigns that we can do. And I think that really sets Evergage apart, and the fact that they take our feedback seriously and implement those improvements and are constantly improving the products.

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