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On-Demand Webinar

A Marketer’s Q&A with a Data Scientist About Personalization

Innovations in analytics and processing power allow today’s digital marketer to collect and decipher more customer data than ever before. But how do you sift through and capitalize on a mountain of information to deliver impactful customer experiences, personalized at the individual level?


In this webinar replay, you’ll hear from Aaron Baker, Data Scientist at Brooks Bell, who will field insightful questions from T.J. Prebil, Director of Product Marketing at Evergage. In this Q&A style session, they’ll deconstruct how data science enables companies to strategize, execute, and test personalized experiences that result in the best possible outcomes for your customers.

In this webinar replay, you will learn about:

  • The role that machine learning and data science play in delivering 1:1 experiences

  • How machine learning influences decision-making for testing

  • The biggest e-commerce and B2B challenges for data scientists and how to overcome them

  • The right combination of data, technology and process to get started on the right path with optimization and personalization

Tune in to discover new data-driven approaches to building and advancing your personalization efforts in 2018.