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Evergage’s Contextual Bandit: Advanced Machine Learning for Selecting the “Optimal Offer”

Marketers are busy people – they have content to produce, audiences to engage and campaigns to run. They also have to make sure their content and offers are relevant to their visitors and email recipients – ideally at an individual level. But how can this be accomplished at scale?

We are excited to introduce “Contextual Bandit,” a major enhancement to the machine learning capabilities of the Evergage platform. Contextual Bandit is a sophisticated algorithm that evaluates both the probability of someone engaging with a particular offer as well as the business value of the offer to the company. It then displays the most relevant offer to a specific individual – all in real time.

Listen in as Jordan Bentley, Evergage Senior Data Scientist, and Cliff Lyon, VP of Engineering, as they discuss how Contextual Bandit can be used to provide each and every customer or prospect with a tailored and engaging experience that is also profitable to your company.

In this webinar they’ll cover:

  • Why Contextual Bandit is so powerful for digital marketing

  • B2C and B2B use cases for Contextual Bandit

  • How to get started using the algorithm

Learn how Evergage's Contextual Bandit can enable you to present the optimal offer or experience to each of your audience members with ease.