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Personalization for B2B E-Commerce Sites

Increasingly B2B companies are demanding B2C-like shopping experiences like those provided by Amazon and Netflix. They've come to expect self-service interactions where they are remembered and assisted with product discovery and ordering. What if you could dramatically improve these capabilities (and more) on your e-commerce site without having to hire a team of consultants and busting your budget? Watch our webinar replay, hosted by T.J. Prebil, Product Marketing Manager and Dave Parsons, Director of Customer Success, to get real-world examples of how successful B2B marketers are using personalization to dynamically promote content, present highly targeted messages, and deliver 1:1 product recommendations.

You'll also discover:

  • B2C personalization tactics that B2B marketers can use to improve customer engagement

  • How to target B2B shoppers at the individual AND account level

  • Techniques for improving product discovery

  • How to streamline order processing and improve customer loyalty

Register and view the webinar now to find out how leading B2B e-commerce companies are leveraging personalization strategies to provide great customer experiences, improve conversion rates and outsell competitors.