Planning for Personalization
in 2018 and Beyond

With significant advances being made in machine learning/AI as well as customer data tracking and aggregation, marketers have a staggering amount of information and capabilities at their fingertips to use to deliver highly relevant 1:1 personalization. But how can you harness these technological advancements to develop cross-channel personalization strategies, programs and campaigns that align with your goals and organization?

Join Evergage CEO, Karl Wirth, and CMO, Andy Zimmerman, to learn about the most promising personalization trends and best practices for 2018.

During this webinar, we will explore how to:

  • Use in-depth visitor and customer data to drive precisely tailored 1:1 experiences on websites, in apps and in email

  • Successfully plan and execute B2B and B2C personalization campaigns

  • Apply real-world examples and best practices to your business

When it comes to improving the customer experience and driving greater engagement and more conversions, savvy digital marketers across industries know that personalization – delivered seamlessly across channels – is of paramount importance. Discover how to make personalization a critical component of your 2018 strategy!

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