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Real-Time Personalization Ideas and Examples for E-Commerce Sites

Every e-commerce website is different in terms of content, offerings, layout and navigation. This is why real-time personalization – tailoring experiences to each and every site visitor – is critical to achieving your conversion objectives. 

Real Time Personalization Ideas and Examples for E Commerce Sites
Primary Challenge

Join Meera Murthy, Customer Success Director at Evergage, as she dives into real-world examples of successful personalization efforts on e-commerce sites. 

In this webinar you will see:

  • Southwest Airlines creates a connected personalized experience from their promotional campaigns to their website

  • Rue La La recognizes and engages international customers, leading to more seamless transactions

  • creates personalized brand awareness and education to drive site engagement and boost conversion rates

We’ll show you these and many more examples of how you can incorporate real-time personalization on your e-commerce site so you can turn more shoppers into buyers, reduce shopping cart abandonment and lift revenues!