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On-Demand Webinar

Digital Intelligence: The Key to Delivering Personalized Customer Experiences

We all know that firms must deliver meaningful, personalized digital experiences to compete for today’s customers. But how do you understand enough about each and every visitor to deliver the right personalized experience? And how do you do this at scale?

Guest speaker James McCormick, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Karl Wirth, Evergage CEO & Co-Founder, will discuss the importance of digital intelligence to support data-driven marketing and review real-world examples of “digitally intelligent personalization” – and how to do it well.

Specifically, they will discuss:

  • Digital intelligence: linking customer insights to personalization

  • Why personalization matters and who is doing it well

  • Strategies for achieving digitally intelligent personalization

Find out what’s critical to creating a world-class customer experience strategy and executing effectively.