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On-Demand Webinar

Planning and Executing Cross-Channel Personalization

According to Forrester Research, 47% of customers report that they’ve engaged in at least one cross-channel interaction in the past 90 days. Yet only 16% of marketers can actually recognize the same visitors and customers and understand their interests and intent across channels – a critical capability to deliver a consistent multichannel experience.

How do you close this customer experience gap, integrate cross-channel into your digital marketing strategy, and get ahead of your competitors?

Watch our 16-minute on-demand webinar, hosted by Andy Zimmerman, CMO of Evergage to learn:

  • Why cross-channel experiences matter for your bottom line

  • What are the key challenges with cross-channel and how to overcome them

  • Cross-channel personalization examples

View the webinar now to learn why and how to engage “segments of 1” and deliver personalized experiences on websites, in web and mobile apps, within email campaigns, and through human channels too.