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On-Demand Webinar

Transforming your Business
with Personalization and ABM

97% of B2B marketers say account-based marketing (ABM) has higher ROI than other marketing activities, (Alterra Group) but less than 20% of marketers have implemented ABM (SiriusDecisions). For ABM to succeed, marketing leaders need to take the lead and guide their organizations in making this fundamental shift. How can they align with sales leaders to help inform and prepare their companies for this transformation? From an execution perspective, how can they realign their processes to consistently deliver highly relevant content and personalized experiences that attract and engage target accounts?

In this webinar Gil Canare and Bob Peterson, senior research directors, SiriusDecisions, and Andy Zimmerman, Evergage CMO, discuss:

  • The key elements of an ABM strategy and adoption trends

  • How ABM and personalization fit into the demand spectrum

  • What the “technology stack” looks like to enable an ABM program

  • Examples of companies employing account- and industry-based personalization

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest research and advice from these thought leaders in demand generation and ABM. Register today!